Many new riders ask us a lot of questions, and that’s good. I would rather have riders asking questions, rather than making assumptions. Here is a list of FAQ’s:

Q: What do I need in terms of riding gear?
A: All riders need a helmet, long pants (jeans are fine), a shirt, goggles, and
protective footwear (work boots or riding boots, no tennis shoes). Gloves are recommended, but not required.

Q: Can we Camp?
A: Camping is permitted, camp fires are no longer permitted. There are no hookups, primitive camping only.

Q: Can I bring my Pet?
A: Yes, but all animals must be handled by there owner on a leash, or confined to a cage when left unattended. No animals are permitted to wander by themselves on the property.

Q: Can I ride on the small tracks with the kids?
A: We do allow adults to ride with their kids on the peewee tracks, as long as they are riding safely and at a very low speed.

Q: Can we ride both ways on the trails?
A: No. The trails are meant to be one-way. Please ask for directions, or a facility map prior to entering the trails.

Q: Are you guys going to be open this weekend?
A: First, if its not on the schedule, then no. Second, if it is scheduled, we will do our best to inform everyone of cancellations due to poor riding conditions. However, We are at the mercy of the weather. If it is a close call, we typically will wait until 8:00 am to make a cancellation call. 8:00 am is the point of no return for us to get the tracks in fairly good shape by 11:00 am. if we decide to cancel there will be a track update message on our answering machine (740-763-0935), and it will be posted in our blog (home page) as well. Keep in mind we cancel events with the safety of the riders in mind.

Q: Are you open through the week?
A: All of our available riding days are on the schedule, look under the schedule tab link of this website.

Q: We just want to ride, do you have days where we can ride and not race?
A: Dates that just have riding are noted on the schedule as “open riding”. For those dates that are otherwise noted, we will have an event described on the answering machine (740-763-0935). We will tell you if a track or the whole facility is being used for a racing event. If we dont say that a particular track is closed, then it will be open that day for open riding as normal.

Q: How much is it for Open Ride days?
A: $30 per person, per day.

Q: Can I ride a 50 on the big track, even if I’m over 18?
A: No.

Q: I’m under 18, can my brothers-sisters-uncle sign me in to ride?
A: Unless they sign as your legal guardian, then NO. If you have no legal guardian present at the time of sign in, you must present the Briarcliff Gate attendee, with a notarized legal release. Otherwise, no riding for you. See the minor release tab for more info.

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