MEY Regional Wrap Up!

The Mid East Youth Regional is a wrap! As mentioned before, 783 entries from 33 different states roughly 2500 people through the gate is now the largest number of entries to date, but second in total volume of people to the ATV national from 2014. The racing was fierce in many classes, the kids were just sending everything regardless of whether they were able to jump the step up cleanly or just bounce off the top, it didn’t deter them lap after lap. I had time to watch a few classes each day, we ran all heats and LCQs Saturday, which was 40 motos, and all 2nd and 3rd motos on Sunday.

In the 50 Junior 4-6 class, the number 19 of Mason Dixon was really hauling the mail, setting the fastest lap in every moto he entered, and almost won all of his motos, just coming up short of that in the third moto to Ohio’s own Tate Boano. Dixon got an 5th place start in moto 3, and worked his way toward Boano, who led wire to wire, but he just couldn’t reel in Boano. Dixon still captured the overall win with a 1-1-2, and Boano took second with a 2-4-1 (ya Robbie Miracle). Another hotly contested class was the 51cc 7-8 class, it maxxed out at 72 entries. The top 10 kids were super impressive to watch. Heading into moto 3, it appeared as though Talan Leach and Jett Caps were in the lead for the overall with 3-1 and 1-2 finishes respectively. However, Bryson Howell and J.C. Genobles had other plans. Howell was super consistent and it paid off, he took the overall with a 2-3-2 score. I think one of the most impressive rides came from Genobles in moto 2. Although he would end up second overall, in moto 2 he came from 23rd to earn a sixth in that moto. By not giving up, he was able to claim a second overall with 1-6-1 performance. So the top 6 is Howell, Genobles, Leach, Capps, Zika, and Vicari. Another tightly contested class was the 65cc 10-11 class. Which after 2 motos had the top 5 all within 1-2 points, or scores of each other. Moto 3 was pretty much winner take all for the most part. Cooper Johnson who got better as the weekend went with 6-2-1 moto scores would take the lead on lap 2 of moto 3 and take off for a win and secured the overall for the class. Eade, Porco, Shuff, Brown, and Taylor would round out the overall top 6 behind Johnson. Only one rider came away with the perfect weekend with a 1-1-1, it was Grier Moir in the Mini Sr 2 (13-15) class. Others that came close were Brooke Bowlin (2-1-1), Gavin Betts (2-1-1), Logan Mortberg (2-1-1) (1-1-2), Dakota Baker (1-2-1), Nathan Hummel (1-2-1), Hunter Porco (1-1-3), Cohen Chilton (2-1-1), Nolan Murphy (2-2-1), Mason Dixon (1-1-2), and Callie Sutton (2-1-1).

Thanks to all of the sponsors and vendors that helped support the event, and specifically Monster Energy, VP Race Fuel, Air Force, Cernics, Moto Md, SRS Suspension, PR2, Minton Cycle and Cobra, and Defiance Lifesyle! Thanks to my own Briarcliff Sponsors: Forklift Training Systems, the Winland Team at Coldwell Banker Realty, G&M Dozer Service, Tuff Trucking, Creno’s Pizza, Mid Ohio Powersports, LAH Builders, Pleasant Hill Motorsports, Iron Pony, Specialty Jeeps, Zanesville Materials, Doug Schiltz Motorsports, Fly Racing, Wiseco, Richardson Glass, Newark Auto Electric, Wright Brothers Power, and Rock Auto. No chance I’m trying to name everyone that helped personally, there are far too many, and I don’t want to leave anyone out. Everyone that rides the Briarcliff train knows that I appreciate everything they do. Thanks everyone.

PC: Rupert Pellett