Possible Season Opener March 14th & 15th!!

Tentatively planning a season opening ride for this weekend. Weather pending! Check the website, pitracer, and the answering machine before loading up. If open, 11-5:00 pm both days, $20 per rider, NO CONCESSIONS - Plan accordingly. (mom's still hibernating).

Also, just the tracks we had last year, the trails have not been built yet.

Advertising and Sponsorship

Anyone that has a business or knows someone who might be interested in adveritisng at Briarcliff Mx this season, please send me a message at josborn@briarcliffmx.com

We are selling 3' x 6' banners, full color on high grade vinyl. $275 for the season (with banner purchase), $200 if your providing your own banner. Banners purchased are yours at the end of the season. Heck if you want to put a pic your self riding on there, it will be up.

2009 Plans!

Well another year at the Cliff is coming around real soon. Big changes for 2009 you ask? Yes and no. 2009 will be Open Practice/Open Riding only. There will be no local outdoor motocross races ran this year. We will be having the Hog Roast Pitbike race, no doubt. I'm working to deliver more dealer ride days, more demos, and more giveaways. I am also working on a trail loop system. Nothing much, maybe 4-5 miles. Beyond that, just little tweaks to the big track. More significant improvements to the C track and the beginner pee wee loop. The pitbike track is gone.

Just kidding. I'm sure I'll do something with it too. Just haven't had any good ideas yet. Beyond that I will focus my energy to complete the first 4000 gallon Mack water truck build, and hopefully start the second. We also have plans to purchase another tractor. With all these ambitions, we just don't have room in the budget for motocross races. I hope those who actual did race will understand. It wasn't due to a lack of effort, or help. We just aren't at the stage where we can afford to run races and improve our setup at the same time. I know its a bummer, but its what I have to do in order to move the facility forward. Hopefully we'll be in a position for 2010 to reconsider the race events.

Practice is on for Nov.9th!

Practice is a go today, please dress accordingly. It's supposed to be chilly. Tracks do have some soft muddy spots here and there. Hey its November out here people! 11-5:00, $20 per rider.