Open Riding June 2-3

Well it looks like we have a little schedule change.....Planning to be open this weekend, 11-5pm both days. All tracks open and prepped, trails open, concession open. Fields closed, no riding in the fields. The powerlines are charged, avoid that too. Expect sessions on the big track by 2:00pm, possibly sooner pending turnout.

Cancelled for April 7-8

Well at the beginning of the week I was concerned with freezing temps for this weekend, now with all the rain today the track is a swamp. I supopose if we continued we could have an ice race. Yep there is that much water. I dont think theres enough temp or sun this week to change the place, and the weekend looks cold. So its part safety concern, part miserable concern that im pulling the plug on the race for this coming weekend. Im pretty limited on schedule dates, there is one possible date in a couple weeks that I am considering for a reschedule. I will post something as soon as I know what i am doing to try to make it up. I would greatly appreciate everyones understanding in not messaging me about this, as everything I know is in this post. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes everyone.

Closed for the season!

BC is officially closed, thanks to everyone that helps us out. It’s been a great year, but Mother Nature has ruled in favor of closing down. We will have a schedule out as soon as we can. Thanks again!

Open Practice 10-28 & 10-29

Briarcliff will be closed this weekend, too much rain forecasted, plus the temps are in the 40s. After a long year, im not chomping at the bit to open the place up to be miserable. I know this is supposed to be the end of the schedule, but I hate hate hate ending on a cancel. So I will look at opening next weekend for one final ride. Stay tuned.