Women’s Ride Day at Briarcliff Mx! Sunday July 14th, 2019

This event is open to the public, bikes and quads all welcome, $25 per rider, and there will be groups. As this is a day to recognize and acknowledge the ladies in the industry, all motocross ladies are encouraged to attend whether you're a beginner or pro, young or old, don't ride or used to ride or still ride, all are welcome to come out and enjoy this day with other badass chicks in motocross! Perks for the Ladies: -Reserved Pit Parking -Women Only Ride Sessions -Grab Bags & More Sponsors*: Briarcliff MX, A&Y Performance, Rebel Spirit Creations, Crushed MX, Glambo Motorsports, Fly Racing *We are still in search of sponsors for this event, if you are interested or know of a company that may be interested in supporting this event please contact Sierra Yoho (sierra_yoho17@comcast.net).

To get an idea of the number of Ladies that will be attending, please fill out the form here: https://forms.gle/mJepFDmDy9PnsSYc7 This will help us generate the number of gift bags for the event!

Friday Morning AQ Update

Friday Morning Update: Practice is canceled, just too risky for the line of storms on the radar. We’ve been lucky so far, barely any rain. Just a sprinkle. Saving it for tomorrow. We are having race sign up today from 11-6pm. We will be racing in the morning, sign up at 6:30, practice at 8, racing to follow practice.

Closed 10-27 & 10-28

We will be closed this weekend. I was hoping the forecast might change, but they nailed this one 10 days ago. We will try for one more next weekend, but its looking dismal at this point too. Theres no doubt the weather wins in 2018. Hopefully we can break the weather pattern from hell soon.