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Thanks To All

I'd like to Thank Pat and Kris from SC Racing, they are working real hard to give riders in the Newark area a shop that they can call "their shop".  I'd also like to thank all of my crew; Travis Hartshorn, Gayle Rownsend, TJ heskett, James "sasquatch" Thompson, Aaron Slingluff and his buddy Dave, and Gonz for being my EMT Friday.  And a special Thanks to Mike Carpenter from going after the Power steering belt.  Those guys really stepped in there this weekend.  I could write a book about the adversity of this weekend.  But we will keep improving.    Open today (6-28) at 11:00 am.

SC Racing Day Today!! Sat 6-27

Open today at 11:00, again today Sat (6-27) is SC Racing Day. They will have a tent setup somewhere down near the trailer. DJ Don will be spinning tunes, and the amateur freestyle comp will start at 3:00. In order to compete you must signup with SC racing by 2:30pm. Also you neeed to get down there and fill their survey in order to elgible for the free dogs, water, and the drawing prizes. Right now I have a EVS neck brace, some evs misc stuff , assorted Motorex Oils, spider grips, and some other various goodies. Those are just the evryday, anyone can win prizes, if you go se SC racing at their tent. If you choose to compete in the jump off at 3:00, 1st gets a $300 cert to SC Racing, 2nd is $200, 3rd is $100. There you have it. BTW, the tracks should be good today too. Worked on them till midnight.