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11-1 Track Update

We will be open today, on Sunday Nov. 1, 11-5:00 pm $20 per rider.  Tracks have a few soft spots, and are little muddy.  But the sun is out and we will be prepping them til we open.  Tracks should be prime at the 2:00 o'clock mark.

Track Update 11-25

Well the tracks def. have some soft spots, but i think with the 60 degree temps and the sun, it will turn out to be a good day for riding.  I will be grading off the bad spots as much as I can, and tracking in most of the tracks.  A little muddy to start, but I think by 1:30 Pm, the tracks all should be good.  The time for riding seems to be coming to a close.  Open today at 11:00.

September 5th & 6th SC Racing Tire Sale!

Scheduled to be open this weekend, both days, 11-5:00 pm, $20 per rider.  SC Racing is putting on the first ever treasure/sacvenger hunt on our trail loops.  You must sign up with SC Racing before the event begins at 1:00 pm on Sunday.  Essentially there will be items hanging from tree limbs and along the trails.  You must bring those back to the SC Racing trailer to redeem your prize. We have prizes ranging from grips to a Go Pro Helmet Cam.  Should be fun.  I have eliminated the mud from the trail loop, so don't be a fair weather freak about it. They're having a huge tire sale as well.  They'll be blowing out Dunlop 756's for $45 and Maxxis Razr tires for $50.

BCliff Riding on Sunday 8-30

Open today at 11:00, tracks are top notch.  Over 5 hours of dozer work on the big track alone, some good changes I think.  I guess we'll see.  Not much on the C track, but I will hit the trails this morning.  Should be a great fall....uh hum....summer day to ride.