This Saturday, 8-8, the KTM semi will be in the house.  The C track will be closed for Demos only!  Big track, kids track, and trails will open as normal.  11-5pm, $25 per rider. Things you need to participate in Demos:
1. Must be 18 years+
2. Proper Safety gear – Long pants, long sleeve jersey/shirt, over the ankle boot, helmet goggles, gloves at a minimum
3. Bring your drivers license
4. You need a ticket from a KTM Dealer.
If you aren’t doing Demos, you just need #2….you always need #2
On Sunday, all tracks open and trails open like normal, We are planning to have a poster available for people to sign for a donation to Christian Wornstaff.  We will match the total donations up to $500.  Please come help him out.