All in all a super weekend at Briarcliff Mx, over 400 for Saturday practice, and right around 288 entries for Sundays race. The weather definitely played games with us on sunday. We did not water Saturday night, nor did we rip it, because we were prepared for a rain shower/cloudy day on Sunday. Well the weather did a 180° on us. We got sun and gale force winds, but we soldiered on. Track def. did not rut up nearly as much as usual, but we cannot control the weather. So that was the worst case scenario for BC, and we still did a very good job. The track got a little dusty at times, but I felt we did a good job reigning that back in during the prep sessions. It just wasnt meant to be one of those super over the top epic days, but still a far cry better than some of the tracks that I have been to. My crews were epic though. Maybe the track I run isnt the best in the country, but I am certain that the crew that we had yesterday was one of the best in the USA, or at least in eastern Licking County. Major major improvements, most of the Malvern crew combined with Connies team, and the BC team and formed the Super Crew! Top notch, everything went so well, no scoring issues, the motos clicked off, done by 6:15. I am very proud of my team, and of the all my behind scenes support group that help me beacause the love what we are doing and want to be apart of it. Super big thanks to Mid-Ohio Honda Suzuki Yamaha Kawasaki, they hooked us up big time. They have everything you need up there in Mount Vernon, be sure to stop in and see those guys and ask about the BC/OMA parts discount, wink wink. Also, we couldnt do it without all of our sponsors: Huntington Bank, Oakley, Monster Energy, Sunstar, Hot Cams, Pivot Works, Liberty Mutual, MSR, Answer, Pro Taper, Cycra, and Motorex!

Thanks to all of my Bc crew guys, we are getting so many, I would name them all but I fear I might miss someone, and I dont want to do that. You know who you are, and how important all of you are to me. Thanks again everyone!