What a crazy weekend. First, I’d like to thank everyone on my crews. They did the best that they could considering the circumstances. BC does not exist without all of the people behind the scenes backing me up. We had so many people helping I will not attempt to name them all, because I fear that I will leave someone out. If you know someone that helped, or you see someone doing something to help us on race day, thank them. They are the hardest working bunch I have ever seen. And everything that went wrong at scoring and sign up is my fault, I set us up for failure there. I did not plan that very well, and unfortunately the girls at sign up suffered most of the brunt of that, and thats not fair to them. I’m sorry girls. It will not happen again, I promise.

I will not be running an event like that again next year. We will be running a much better event, with better communication, sign up, and scoring. I was already on the phone with John Dains with trackside this morning at 7am. We will be bringing int he transponders for next year. I will be hiring a professional sound man next season to handle the PA. We are considering going to the touch screens for signup. We will also be going to a 2 day format. Thats too long of a day to squeeze everything in. Not totally sure how we are going to handle that part yet, but we are not running everything on Sunday again.

Now the positives, our track prep kicks serious arse. Some dust, but I dont think it ever got out of control. We need to start getting the starting area ready earlier, I know that now. But as far as the main track is concerned, you all owe Brian Finckel like a million bucks. I think he put 100 miles on the mack from Friday at 10am till Sunday after noon in 90 degree heat with no AC. We had huge help form our sponsors: Monster Energy, Honda of Marysville, Parts Unlimited, Huntington Bank, Cycra, Fly Racing, Motorex, Malvern Racing, Wiseco, FCR Suspension, and WPS.

It was the first race since 2008, and I thought we handle the adversity well, I only got in one shouting match. Thats pretty good I thought. I will be staffing more people next year, we will have two referees watching all races. We will have more flaggers to take shifts to keep the everyone alert. I will plan it out better.

Thanks to all the racers that took a chance on us! I appreciate everyones understanding of out shortcomings for the first year, and I thank everyone for the slew of positive comments I got. It really does help us keep our heads up. I feel like I delivered on what I said I would do. We put on the must attend race in the state of Ohio, and we will put it on again in 2013.

Im having a bit of an internet connection issue at my house right now, but I will be posting results soon. And I will attempt to have the north south decision very soon. I got allot of picking up to do, so please be patient.