Another unforgettable Cliff weekend. Between dodging the rain, guessing as to what to do, and still running a succeful prep schedule, I feel very lucky. It got a little dusty today, but we just werent sure what the weather was going to do. And that normal when you do the disc only setup. I dont think the weather knew what it was going to do. I cant really post our rider totals on here anymore, I guess it ticks people off. But I am getting ready to watch the movie 300, so i will just say Thanks to everyone. Especially my crews, those guys are the secret ingredient at BC. Also thanks for eveyones kind donations, by my preliminary counts we raised over $1200 in two days. On behalf of the Cutshall family we all thank you!

Just a planning update here, we are planning to run electric down there very soon, and we are installing a well at the pond to keep it full. Just FYI.

Thanks for riding!

A big thanks to Wimer’s Cycles and FLY WPS for helping with sponsorship on the pitbike race, and also to CYCRA for getting us the stickers for Paul’s benefit!