No rain overnight. Open today at 11:00

Plan on Mini groups on the C track at 1:00 and 3:00, or very near those times.

One additional thing about this weekend. We will be taking donations for the Cutshall Family. Paul was injured and flown to Grant hospital on our last Monster Energy day. Up until last week, he was still at Grant!! He finally made it home Friday the 13th. He is on the road to recovery, but Paul hasnt been working, and its unclear how long the family will go with him to help support their family. I decided to help them. We are having Cycra make us up 1000 BC logo stickers. If you donate at least $5 to the family you will get at least 2 BC stickers. Limit 2 stickers per donation. I got 1000, dont sweat it. Let me be clear, none of this money goes to purchase these stickers. All of it goes to the Paul Cutshall family. And yes I still have the bikes in my garage, thats how bad the situation really is. They need help! Bring some cash or make the checks out to Tammy Cutshall. Thanks everyone, in advance.