Wow. I took it very personal when the weather gods chose to try put a damper on memorial day weekend with 90 degree temps, and no rain for two weeks. The challenge had been issued, and we accepted the challenge, and we won. By my estimates, be put down over 250,000 gallons of water, burned around 160 gallons of diesel, and roughly 12 gallons of gasoline. I either lost some hair or grew gray ones. I rode for the first time in one month, its like starting the year over. So many things happened since I started the prep Thursday at 2:00pm. Friday we blew a front tire on the Mack, 3 point quit working on the Kubota Saturday after the med flight left. It feels like a whole week went by. The bottom line is we (the riding community) are so lucky to have the following people make BC the best that it is.

Im doing this in the order of the week, because thats the only way i can somewhat keep it straight:

Chuck Day
Garrett Madinger
JJ Romanyak
Mark Burkhart – WPS/Fly Racing
Jack Wimer – Wimer’s Cycles
Monster Energy
Brian Finckel
Brian Gonser
Tommy Pellet
Lisa Baker
Mom and Dad
Cara Osborn
Seth Osborn
Kurt Mosher – $10 guy
Barry Cockrell
Aaron Slingluff
Brian and Nikki Wood
Brad Adams
Cody Rohrig (spelling? sorry) – Creno’s Pizza of South Zanesville
Crossroads Bar and Grille in Jacksontown
Rob Miracle – Powdercoater Extraordinaire
John Kreps and Kari for generously helping Paul Cutshall and Family
And every rider that braved the scorching heat!

If I left anyone out please email me, my mind is wore out too.

Only true hardcores ride in that kind of heat.