After Thanksgiving last week I began to think about how crazy 2011 was for the Bc community. The rain this past year but a definitive damper on the season, but this year wouldnt have happened without the following people (because theres no way im doing this alone). My helpers below, are the silent force behind the great things that happen out here.

In no certain Order:

Brian Finckel
Brian Gonser
Lisa Baker
Mom & Dad
Rick Barnes
Jordan Barnes
Clayton Fair
Galen Rouanzoin
Seth Weaver
The Dingers
Brent Mckee
Brian Wood
Barry Cockrell
Troy Heskett jr.
Ken Peterman
Jay Laine
Aaron Slingluff
Rupert Pellett
& any other goon that helps me, if I forgot anyone please let me know, I will either ammend the list or laugh.