Just wanted to thank Lancaster Sport Cycles, WPS, Fly Racing, Roofmasters, and Creno’s Pizza of Zanesville. Racing Highlights in no certain order, Mooch dethroned Tony C in 40+, which I didnt think anyone could do. Tony has been dominant in that class. Aaron Burch won 12″ Mod over Cody Scott who has been on fire out here. Cody did take home the $100 dash for cash again though, he had some heat from Burch, but a slight bobble in a turn before the white flag allowed Cody to get away clean. AND I would say the biggest moment of the night, Creno’s Pizza of Zanesville secretly sponsored our little kids class (ages under 12), and Noah Ryan not only won his class, but he won a $100 bill too. I have never seen a look on a boys face like that when we told him in the trailer. The icing on the cake was it was his first race, and the bike looked to be bone stock to me. He rode that TTR110 well. That was a super cool moment, Thanks again to cody from Creno’s, he made that happen.