Well, I’m gonna try for this Sunday. No Monster Energy, I’m gonna save that for another time.

Planning to be open this Sunday 11-5:00pm. I would encourage a site lap on the big track. No major changes, but a couple small tweaks. And a site lap means go slow and look at the jumps.

A good question was raised saturday; “how can I take a site lap, when everyone is hauling arse?”. Well, if you would read the rules at the track entrances, it states that when rolling a jump, please move to the left or right. Its that simple. More importantly, be aware of your surroundings.

And another thing, the speed on the track driveway is getting out of control. The next person I see over 5 miles per hour on my driveway, will be making a PO’d drive home. Seriously. The neighbors would appreciate you going slowly and not kicking up as much dust. I have got the itch to kick someone out, dont let it be you.