Briarcliff Mx is pleased to welcome aboard Fuel Extreme Sports, Coppersmith, and Crashed Toys .Com to our 2011 sponsor list. Fuel Extreme Sports is a new online source for parts and gear for several extreme sports including moto. The owner is a rider, just like the rest of us. So check out there site by clicking on their logo in the sponsor column. Also, I would like thank and welcome Coppersmith Suspension. Andre was down a few weeks back, said that he like the Cliff, and wanted to help out. The Coppersmith crew is planning to hit up some more Cliff rides offering suspension service trackside, so be sure and head over check them out at the track, or online through their logo to the left. BC is also pleased to welcome back They put up a banner last year, and this year they wanted to get a spot on the site as well. Talk about some great deals on used toys. Be sure and check them out as well.