We are currently looking for sponsorship for the 2011 season. If you have an area business, and would like to get involved, you can shoot me an email about sponsorship details. josborn@briarcliffmx.com

Now about our 2011 goals:

Facility-wise, we are going to put up all new fences this year. It will be all wood, three board fence like the fence near the pit-bike track. We will be rebuilding the pit-bike track into a bigger mini track, 65’s and 50’s should dig it. The other little track will be designated as a beginner pee wee track. Last fall we moved roughly 2500 yards of dirt or so, I forget now. With that dirt we filled in all the low areas on the big track, all the track lanes that were getting lower and lower. The uphill triple, center tunnel, and the finish line all got some much needed dirt. We are also running the big track out closer to the starting gate, and have made the waller, adjacent to the triple, into a mounder. We also, created the observation mound to help separate the pee wee track from Track #2. I will be re-grading all of it this spring. I’m sure Track #2 will get some buffing and polishing as well.

For 2011 events, we have some different ideas, some out of the box stuff. We’re bringing back the fun this season. We will not be running traditional races. There just isn’t enough support for that. Maybe when we get in a better position financially, and have our facility and equipment in a the right spot, then maybe we can go back to gamble of traditional MX racing, but now is not the time. Instead, we’re heading in a new direction, off the beaten path, and marching to the beat of our own drum. We are in the process of bringing transponder scoring to the Cliff. We will be renting the transponders out, and posting lap times on the big track. Hopefully, if all goes well, we can run some groups over there and create some competition. We have some other stuff in the works, but nothing definite yet. I will post updates as I have them.

Also, I would like to Thank a few returning Sponsors; Huntington Bank, Oakley, MSR, Pro Taper, Tucker Rocky, Pivot Works, Hot Cams, Sunstar, Cylinder Works, Hot Rods, and Vertex Pistons. As well as a new sponsor: Fuel Extreme Sports. They are very close to a launch, and I will have more details on site as they’re made available.

One last thing, keep Huntington Bank in mind for your next bike/ATV loan. Click on there link in the side bar of this site, it will send you to Pat’s page, he can get you the loan you want. Their loans are straight up, not trickery like the manufacturers loans.